Connecting to ZWO 071MC Camera

I am having problems connecting my new ZWO 071 to SGP.
I have done the following:
1.Loaded latest Ascom 6 Drivers (ASI 1& ASI 2)
2. Checked to see that Win 7 loaded camera and drivers
3.Reloaded all software
4 Downloaded latest SGP
5.Setup ZWO071 in Equipment Profile under ASI 1
I get an (Error Connecting ASI 1)

I have been using SGP and a ZWO ASI071 for some time now without any recent problems.

One thing did occur when I first got the camera and was similar to your issue.
I found it necessary to connect the camera in SGP before actually applying the 12vdc power.
If I didn’t do this, SGP would sometimes throw an error.

It should be noted this problem happened on an earlier version of SGP (I don’t recall the number).
As mentioned, it’s been totally reliable lately with V as well as the latest drivers from ZWO/ASCOM.

One other thing…
You don’t say if you are also running a ZWO guide camera. I have seen some reports of conflicts
between ZWO imaging and guide cameras when connected together.