Connection Diagram

Everybody does it differently. Just thought I would share my set-up … it may be of use to someone out there.

Connection Diagram by Brendan Kinch, on Flickr

Some might find this cumbersome - but it all works good and no problems for SGP controlling everything. Download time for full image (11.5 MB) is about 8 seconds.


Flickr claims your photo is no longer available. Typo in the link or did it get taken down for some reason?

It is still there Jerry - I have just tried the above link and it worked OK.


Ah, yes, there it is… I see it now. Nice figure. Where are you that everything is running off of 240V?

I live in SE Spain. The whole set up evolved over a few years (the actual dome only came earlier this year) - that is why each part still has its own adapter. I found it easier just to add another mains supply rather than adding DC supply for everything. It is perhaps a bit ‘heavy’ on cables but in practice, works well.

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