Connection Question

I have begun using SGP with my Orion Atlas Mount and QSI 683wsg. I have recorded some great narrowband subs but I would like to expand my usage of the software beyond image capture and interaction with PHD2. I recently purchased an USB2EQ6 Interface Cable to direct connect my mount to my computer. Will I be using SGP to control and align my mount or will I be using other software to do so. I have Stellarium and the Orion Planetarium software loaded on my computer. It will be weird for me to not use the handcontroller but I look forward to plate solving and the help that will give to alignment. Thanks for any info, I am looking forward to some great photos in the future.

You’ll use EQMOD to control the telescope and perform those things. There is directions on using EQMOD here:

Thanks I should have the cord tonight and will try this out soon.

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