Control panel camera angle

Hello! It seems that every time I boot up SGPro and open the Camera tab in the Control Panel, the camera rotation position number is always 267º. Not such a big deal except when I go to use Frame and Focus my search ends up at 267º. What am I doing wrong?

It’s unclear what the problem is. Are you attempting to plate solve and it’s failing? The rotator angle as displayed in SGP is the sky angle and NOT the angle of your rotator.


Hello! I’m sorry I phrased it wrong. The ‘Sky’ angle in the control panel is always at 267º when I boot the program regardless of the target. Even if there is no target. Like I said it’s not such a big deal. BTW great program - a real achievement!

The angle in the rotator area of the control panel is showing you the current sky angle that your rotator is rotated to. If you want to set a rotation for a particular target you’ll need to do that in the target settings. Then SGP will rotate your camera to that location.

See “Target Settings” and “Camera Rotation”:


The Problem is I have no rotator! Maybe I should have said that…

It’s displaying the Sky Angle, not the rotator angle. So it’s still valid whether you have a rotator or not. If you manually rotate your camera and run a plate solve you’ll see that angle change.