Control Panel settings are not saved

I am new here and still use SGP in the trial.
When experimenting and looking through the different Eionstellungen I noticed that some settings are not saved in the “Control Panel” window. For example with “Plate Solving - Attempt to Center / rotate” is always 1 I would like to change this to 3 as long as the program is running, the 3 but with each restart of SGP is again 1 there. Also, the Dark Library path at “Auto Focus” and some other settings are gone after each reboot. But there are also some settings that I have changed and saved.
If I change something in the “Equipment Profile Manager” it will be saved. But which settings are taken now, that of the “Control Panel” or the “Equipment Profile”?
Is this a mistake that needs to be saved or is it due to the TRIAL?
Thank you.

Hi Uwe,

This is the first hurdle in the SGP quest.

“Equipment Profiles” are not what one would expect, given the name. They are Equipment Templates and the settings are copied one to one into the Sequence definition when you:

  • create a new sequence
  • you use the command “Apply Profile to Sequence”

Except for the second point, all changes made to the Equipment Profiles do not reflect into an existing sequence.

The “Control Panel” shows the settings inside the sequence and allows you to edit those if you need. It has no influence on the templates (the Equipment Profiles), Well, almost no influence. There is a function to create a template (Equipment Profile) form the settings of a sequence.

It is all in total more complex than it should be, but you will get used to it.

Kind Regards,

Hello Horia,
thanks, now I have that out.
When starting the program, a new empty sequence will automatically open with my profile and if I change settings in the settings then these are of course not changed in the profile and will therefore not be restored at the next program start … is logical.
Thank you.