Control panel verses profile

I still somewhat confused by the control panel verses the equipment profile settings.
I understand these are not the same thing.

However, most of the time if I modify the control panel settings, I want it to update to the equipment profile so the it effects the sequence.

Would it make sense to have a copy settings button or dialog pop up at sequence start so they can be the same?
I am always going back into equipment profile so they are same.


Lots of stuff written on this in the past. It’s a pretty common pattern like using a template in Microsoft Word. Here are just a couple from searching.

Probably not. A lot of folks, myself included, like the ability to start a sequence using a profile, then have the ability to modify that sequence for special circumstances without actually altering the equipment profile. If you want to update your profile to reflect recent changes to your sequence we have provided a very easy and convenient feature to do this on the file menu.

" I see said the blind man as he pick up his and saw"

You should encapsulate those discussions in the help file!

It problem states this clearly in the help but it is still hard to explain.

It has never been obvious to me how this works now it all make sense.

I assume that if I like my current sequence settings and then I can overwrite my default profile?



The easiest way I have found to think about the two setting locations is this:

Settings in the equipment profile are your default settings for your sequences unless you change them. To change them, you MUST change them in equipment profile itself, not in control panel. Changes made in control panel only affect the current session, and they do NOT change the settings in your equipment profile.

So if you want to change a setting for the current session only, make the change in control panel. If you want to make a change to the default settings for future sessions, then make the change in equipment profile.


We have been meaning to… I finally did just that this evening.

Even better still - sometimes you think you know what you want for a set of equipment but tune it over time, say change AF stepsize and count. You generate a sequence using an equipment profile and find that you are tweaking it on the night. It then runs smoother and you can simply ‘save sequence as profile’ to either create a new equipment profile, or update an existing one.