Control SGP using VB?

Hi - I’m a newbie here, but I’ve been using SGPro for a number of months. After a bit of a false start with Elbrus, I moved to a local Astrometry server and now, in my opinion, SGPro is an exceptional piece of software which allows my observatory to regularly (well, when I say “regularly” - I really mean as often as the UK weather allows) image through the night and sucessfully autofocus, meridian flip and dither with PHD2. I’d really like to build on this level of automation and I’m wondering if it’s possible to run SGPro, load a sequence, centre on the target, start guiding and run the sequence using an external VB script?

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PS - take a look at the AAPOD for 31 October this year … - hope you like it!

Hi Steve,

This is actually what SGPro is designed to do. I’m not sure why you would want to introduce a script into the mix, but maybe I am not understanding what it is you are after. Just load the sequence, add a start time, click run sequence and walk away.

Hi Ken

Thanks for your fast response.

What I’d like to be able to do is start up my observatory from scratch remotely or automatically using feedback from my weather sensor…which would mean that SGPro isn’t running what I start

The full sequence would be

Power on PC*
Power on Dome*
Power on instruments (focuser / camera etc)*
Power on mount*
Run PHD2*
Run SGPro*
Load Sequence
Connect Equipment
Centre on Target
Start Guiding
Run Sequence

I’ve scripted all of the elements marked with an asterisk - my question is whether it’s possible to do the last 5 steps without manual intervention?

Many thanks


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They’re working on weather station support in 2.4.