Cool Down when Sequence Starts

In my case the above command (in Control Panel/Camera) initiates sequence when the camera temp is within 2.5C of camera setting (i.e. camera set at -10C, sequence commences at -7.5C).
No complaint really, but I was wondering if this tolerance can be adjusted by the user?


This is not adjustable by the user. That is the tolerance which we feel acceptable in order to start imaging.

I’d like an option to be able to start the run at the desired temperature. Call me lazy !

I understand, but we try our best to keep SGPro from having thousands of options (not trying to be rude, but if there is not a pressing need for an option we won’t add it). Options are a slippery slope… before you even know what happened you have a software application with a super-steep learning curve. We also need to consider that here is a support cost related to every single option we add. If we have too many, we can never add new features because all of our time is consumed by support.

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Completely understand Ken. It’s no great hardship to wait 2 minutes and in any case I think everyone likes to see a sequence start up anyway to check all working

I find the 2.5 C is handled with focusing and plate solves. I also like that SGP ‘just works’.