Cooler confusion

I am confused as to what is going on here with my 490ex.

I had it set to “cool down on sequence start”, however it appears to be trying to warm the camera from -10 to -5, even though it is set to be -10.

If this is not how the program is supposed to work, I can try to make a clean reproduction of the problem and get log files.


Additional question: What is the difference between the “set” and “cool” buttons? When changing the temperature, which one should I press?

Ref Additional Question:

Set:- put a temp in the ‘Set to’ box and an mount of mins in the other box - Click ‘Set’ and it will move to that temp you set in the amount of time you specified right there and then, if the current temp is cooler then it will warm, if the temp is warmer then it will cool.

Cool:- This basically does the same thing except it will only do a cooling cycle, this will take the temp and the time to achieve this from the figures for ‘Cool’ in the control panel, these will be populated by whatever is loaded when a Profile is applied to a sequence, either at startup or if you decide to apply a particular profile to a sequence you are setting up.

So ‘Set’ is a manual operation you can do any time where as ‘Cool’ (or warming for that matter) CAN be manually applied by hitting the ‘Cool’ button but this is auto applied by the running of a sequence too.

Some people like to get their camera to their desired temp in advance of sequence start in which case you could use the ‘Set’ option before you hit ‘Start Sequence’ whereas others like to get everything ready, hit ‘Start’ and let SGP deal with the cooling which will use the temp and mins set in the control panel.


Thanks Paul. This makes me wonder if I had -5 in my profile and I had pressed the Cool button instead of the Set button.

Sounds highly likely to me, I’ve done it myself LOL Once you get your head around it you’ll be fine.

I have 2 profiles set up, one for winter time and one for summer time, my camera can cool to 35c below ambient temp. Here in the UK summer can be around 20c at night on a hot day so I have my Summer profile to cool to -10 over a period of 12 mins, this seems like quite a long time but if the cool down time is too short, too much power is applied too quickly and I find the camera swings way past my set temp and then back the other way again like a big decreasing sine wave until it eventually stabilizes in a much greater time. In the mean time, SGP registers the fact that the coolers temp was within 3 degrees of the set temp and begins to take images. Obviously the first images to come in can have camera temperatures all over the place which is not good, hence, the longer cool down time.

My winter profile (UK winter can fluctuate anything from +10 to -10c at night) is set to -20 again at 12 mins, have to be more careful here as at -20c below ambient temp you can get frosting on the sensors window so I tend to create modified Winter profiles to support different possibilities like ‘Winter - Cold’ and ‘Winter - Warm’. Bit of a dark art.

Now a days I only tend to use the ‘Set to’ feature if I am inside the house with my kit and doing some kind of testing which tends to happen a lot due to the UK being covered in clouds the majority of the time LOLOLOL