Cooling after Sequence Start

I noticed last night that I had set a temperature that I wasn’t going to reach due to the humidity. I wasn’t sure if SGP was going to wait until it reached it or if it would timeout and just start imaging at some point so I aborted the sequence, set the temperature a bit lower, and tried to resume. It continued to use the old temperature.

Do you want logs?

You need to change the temp under the camera tab in the control panel, not just on the module. Or maybe you did that?

I’ve done it many times where I changed the temp on the module and when starting the sequence I get an error message saying the temp is not within 5deg of the target temp do I want to continue; I just continue.


By control panel you mean the page that says ‘filters’ ‘telescope’ ‘other’ right? I did change it on the camera tab and even started the new cool down. When I hit resume, it would start at the old temperature.

On another note, these STFs don’t cool very well :smile: You’d think 70F and you’d be able to get -15C.

Yes, that’s correct. I think what you observed was expected behavior since you were “resuming” a sequence and not starting fresh. However, it seems logical that if the temp was altered in the control panel it should update the current sequence to avoid an alert or otherwise send people into a hissy fit…like me.

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Yea, don’t mess with the automation is the key to everything. I think it’s time to enter ‘summer’ mode with my camera.

More important than logs here would be a step by step of what you did to try and accomplish this with notes indicating where behavior deviated from expected.

OK. I’ll see if I can reproduce it with screen shots