Cooling problem ASI294

Hi guys…
I am tryinmg to cool ZWO ASI294 to -18C using SG Pro (ver, but I cannot reach the set temperature and cooling is only activated with about 60%., However, when I tried cooling using ASI Studio (ZWO’s imaging platform), no problem. The cooler thes activates up to 100% and the set temperature is reached in less than 10 minutes. Is there a conflict between SG and ASI Studio? Is there a bbug in SG Pro? Am I missing something regarding settings in SG? Any other experienced this problem?

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Alf J.

SGP uses the ZWO ASCOM driver while ASIStudio uses the native camera driver. There are differences between how cooling is handled in the different driver versions.

Try cooling your camera to 0C first and wait for the temperature to stabilize, then set the temp to -18C and see what happens.

Is there any particular reason you are using -18C? Cooling that deep is not necessary, however if you are in a very cold environment you may need to cool that deep just to stay cooler than the ambient temp.


Many thanks for your suggestions and info. I’ll try to go to zero degr2ees first and then continue to -18. I actually wanted to go to -20 (which I easily do with ASI1600 Pro), but you are right, it is not necessary with modern cameras to go that deep. I might be better off settling on -12 or so….

Thanks again!


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