Copy/Clone an equipment profile? (Never mind, I figured it out)

I would like to copy an existing equipment profile so that I can edit just what I need to change, and keep all other settings. Basically I want to change just the camera info, and save that as a new profile. I can’t seem to find a way to do this in SGP. It would seem like a common thing to want to do.

For anyone finding this in the future, you can simply create a new sequence with an existing profile and then in the File menu, click “Save As User Profile”. It’s not a bad idea to add a duplicate to the profile manager though. Moving to feature requests so it’s not lost…

Hey Ken, that is what I ended up doing, creating a new sequence from the existing profile, updating the camera info, and using “Save Sequence As Profile” to then save the updated profile. When I initially did that and then viewed the available profiles under the EPM menu, it appeared as if the ‘new’ profile had simply overwritten the one I started with as the original profile wasn’t listed anymore. However, after I exited SGP and re-opened it, I saw both profiles listed. This was using

Ok, thx. I have fixed this issue in

Wow that was fast! Thanks Ken, I wish that developers of other apps were even 1% that responsive.