Copy equipment profile

I would like to see a feature that allows us to clone an equipment profile and duplicate it so it can retain the previous settings and allow minor changes.

For instance, I have 3 sets of gear that I run whether at home, dark site, etc. For my AP systems, I have a 5 position filter wheel that has interchangable wheels and I switch from LRGB to Narrowband, to planetary. The only thing I change is 3 or 5 filters on the wheel by number, but instead I have to duplicate every setting across every tab and sometimes typos and crap get in the way ad cause un-needed frustration.

The Copy/clone profile feature would be awesome for this so I could duplicate and then tweak settings. I could see other configuration uses for this as well.

Thanks for an awesome program.

You can do this already. In the Equipment Profile Manager just click on an
existing profile, then under “Select or name a profile” just type in a
different name and save. You then have two identical profiles with
different names.

Ok, Thanks.

It wasn’t clear that it wouldn’t save over the original.