Copy event start end times?

I often shoot multi panel mosaics. Each panel or event is to have the same time constraints.

For example event 1 start:12:30am end:3:35am.

Now I can set up in event 1 (Panel 1) the duration, number of frames, gain and offset and copy those to the subsequent events that make up the mosaic. But the time constraints are not copied. You have to open each event and set the time constraints manually.

Kind of a pain when I have a 12 panel mosaic planned for M42 and sometimes several days between say panel 3 and panel 4 so the time has to be ‘adjusted’ to match the rise / set times. So as it is now I have to go to 12 events and set the time in each one.

Is there any way to copy the times to subsequent events?

I assume you are referring to target start and end times. We have not added this (yet?). Let me see what’s involved and if I can remember why we have not added this in the past…

Thank you, yes ‘targets’ I always get the nomenclature confused, since several ‘targets’ are the same target in a mosaic :smiley:
Thanks again for the prompt reply!

It seems it was easy enough to add… didn’t see any reason we hadn’t done it before. Options now:

  • Copy Target Settings & Events to…
  • Copy Target Settings to…
  • Copy Target Events to…

Excellent! This will be quite a time (and mistake) saver!

Now it wont alter the celestial coordinates generated by the frame and mosaic wizard, right?