Copy SGP configuration

Is there some way to copy the SGP whole configuration (clone) from one pc installation to another? Thank you

You can copy the contents of the C:\Users\<Your User Name>\AppData\local\SequenceGenerator directory on one machine into the same location on the new machine. That will pickup all your profiles and such.

However, if you’re planning on using both machines going forward I would recommend going into the Tools>>Options menu and setting the Profiles Directory to a synced location like a dropbox folder or similar. That way if you make a change to one profile on one machine it is synced to all machines.


Great! Thanks a lot.

I use MS OneDrive, You can setup your save & settings folder in the SGP options to a folder that’s sync’d by OneDrive, so it always syncs across all your windows PC’s automatically.
You have to set the option in OneDrive to sync the folder ‘automatically’ and not just ‘as needed’ too
There’s a proper guide somewhere if you google it.

Uhmm! Good idea. Thanks.

Hmmm. I tried this by copying the folder from an existing installation onto a new machine, and when I launch SGP, it starts up but then exits after the initial load (never brings up the standard screen). Old system works fine as does the new one with the supplied directory, but copying over the old directory results in SGP not being able to start. Any ideas on what steps to take to track down the problem?

Looks like the sgpro_settings json file has hard coded paths, and since the new system user directory is different than the old one, that explains the problem. Easily fixed!

In my case SGP program starts but user profiles and sequences does not appear. Any idea how to solve it?

Nobody can help me? :cry:

Sequences would need to be moved over from wherever you stored them (as this can vary for each sequence) and opened individually with SGP.

You’ll want to double check that the profiles are where SGP expects them to be (From Tools>>Options)