Correct cool down temp not report for Atik 460EX

The set point temp is not being reported correctly. When cooling down the temp reading never goes below 0, even though i have it set to -5C. The ambient temp is 70 deg, testing in the house. Both Maxim Dl and Artemis Capture both work fine for the temp cooling, so it is not the camera. Also I have another Atik camera 428EX and it has the same problem in SGP. I believe the camera is cooling to the correct temp but for some reason not being reported. I never had this problem in the past. I did install the lastest core software from Atik. I will contact Atik to see if is an ASCOM problem. any help would be appreciated.
Ed Stuckey
I have SGP installed

Here is the ASCOM camera log if that is of any help.
ASCOM.Atik.1344.404360.txt (134.7 KB)

I wrote the original Atik driver but I think that the Atik developer (another Chris) has done some updates.
I’m delighted that you provided a log but unfortunately it’s a partial log. It misses a load of stuff at the beginning which will tell us the driver version so I can’t tell if this is mine or not.

The whole set point cooling stuff looks strange. The set point was in units of 1/100 deg but this seems to have it in units of 1/1000 deg.

I think you are going to have to contack Atik support about this.


Sorry about the log. The ASCOM driver version is by Chris Rowland. I did contact Atik today, waiting for a reply.
I retested and here is the is the current wierd situation.
I connected the camera in SGP, clicked on setup,which brings up an ascom dialog box in which to enter cooler on andset the setpoint,there are also boxes for cooler power and CCD temp. SGP temperature setting ,I set to -10C in 6 min. and warmup10C in10min. Program set to begin cooldown upon camera connect. Camera begins to cool but ccd temp inthe temperatue window never goes below 0. However if I click the setting box next to the camera connect and bring up the Ascom camera settings and in the setpoint window it reflects the ccd temp. Close window,wait 30secs, click on settings and it again reflects the ccd temp in the setpoint box. After the ccd has cooled to -10C,the SPG temperation dialoge box shows 0C even though it I set to-10C.Check the settings window again and it says -10C in the setpoint box.The warm updoes everything in reverse.
So, the camera is properly cooled and warmed but not reflected in SGP or the fits header.
This is really strange.

That version isn’t mine. Chris has updated the version without changing the attribution.

There’s nothing I can do, contact Atik Support.


I have (2) Atik cameras (460EX & 414EX) and after reading this post decided to test the cooling readout.

First, it might be worth mentioning a few days ago I purchased a new laptop with Win10 OS. I had to reload all my astronomy programs, including SGP and the latest ASCOM platform. Once I did that I tried my mount, filterwheel, focuser etc. All but my Atik cameras were recognized. Thinking Win 10 might have a driver problem I headed over to the Atik website and found the core driver package had indeed been updated. After downloading and installing it, SGP picked up the cameras and was able to fully control them.

Today, I tried both cameras again paying attention to the cooling readout. Happily, I can report SGP controls the cooling and displays the correct temperature like it always has.

I am running Windows 10, also installed latest core drivers from Atik. Will try to re-install both SGP and Atik core drivers, also test on my desktop running Windows 7.
Thank you for your feedback.

Atik found a problem with their ascom driver, new fix should be ready by Friday.

Great, thanks for the follow up!


Please be advised there is now a patch issued to fix the temperature control bug in the Atik/ASCOM driver.

Can be downloaded from here:

I have just tested both my Atik 4XX cameras and the temperature control now works properly under SGP.
Great support from Atik as usual.

Thanks for the post. The deveoper also sent me via email, since I have been helping him with the bug.
He also said he is trying to get the core installer finished and would upload the file when finished. I do not know all the improvements but he did say he has done further improvements with the EWF2 driver.
I have had some issues with filter wheel moving, it freezes. Very randomn and only happens very occasionally.

For those who own the Atik EFW2, the new Core package might be a blessing.
I’m afraid I lost confidence in my EFW2 long ago and bought a Starlight Xpress USB FW. It is 100% reliable.

I’ve been using an Atik EFW2 for about 5 years now with very few issues,
and the few time something acted up it was my fault. It’s been perhaps the
most reliable piece of kit I have.

I installed the new drivers and so far so good.

Oh man…I spoke too soon. I had a problem tonight where the filter wheel kept reporting “moving” even though the filter wheel stopped on the correct filter. SGP aborted the sequence. This was with the new Atik driver released today. I guess I’ll report this to Atik.

I can confirm this bug too. The new software release fixes the camera cooling issue, but my filter wheel EFW2 cannot be reached by SGP. I will report this as well.

Edit: I take that back. I disconnected the camera and filter wheel and rebooted my laptop. When I reconnected the camera and filter wheel post reboot, the filter wheel works fine. Please try a reboot and reconnect. This worked for me.


In my case, I tried to move the filter wheel again and SGP crashed and
closed. I restarted SGP and connected to the filter wheel again (without
restarting the computer) and it seems to be working ok. I hate these kinds
of seemingly random glitches that are so hard to reproduce, making it hard
to find the problem.

I had the same problem of filter not moving and SGP ending the process and that was with the old core installer. I did report it to the developer, he said that problem has not been reported before and will look into it.
Would be good if you will report the problem also.

It was mentioned somewhere on the Atik software install directions in the past that windows will hold on to older drivers. A reboot helps in this regard. I’ll try connecting to the filter wheel from a cold start a couple more times before I file a support request.


The filter wheel problem happened to me again this morning while trying to
take some flats, but I had not restarted the computer yet. I’ve mentioned
this on the Atik forum and Atik support.

I have had no problems with the new installer. Make sure you uninstall all Atik drivers before installing new core installer. A reboot will not do this.
There are 2-3 drivers depending on what you originally install.

  1. The ascom Atik camera driver
  2. The ascom Atik efw2 driver
  3. The Windows driver package-Artemis ccd(pgruusbcam)
    Try that and then install new software. Hopefully will rectify your problem


Thanks. I was just trying to help Joel. I have the new drivers installed and working.