Corrupted Sequence

My sequence file got corrupted after a windows crash.
Any idea how to recover it?


You can post it here and I can see about modifying it to recover.


Here is a download link cause the filesize is 110MB

Why so big?

Because the Framing and Mosaic Wizard images are stored in the sequence and you had a bunch of them saved in there. I’ve removed them and fixed the corruption.


Thanks Jared.
Can those images be deleted by the user?
I couldnt find a way.

Yes, go to Sequence >> Manage Sequence Files and you can remove the images from there. However, in this case the sequence format was corrupted so you wouldn’t have been able to do that in the first place…but doing so could have potentially avoided the corruption in the first place. When we save that file we rewrite the entire file so as it was so large it likely failed mid write.


Hello Jared, my computer crashed and corrupted the sequence file again, could you please recover it again?
Thanks a lot

It is OK, I took the old file you recovered. Have to modify the progress by hand.
Is it possible to recover the file by myself?