Couple of bugs with .366 Beta

Couple of odd behaviors last night with the latest beta.

  1. Problem with .Net framework. Upgrading to latest .net 4.8 solved the issue. (THis appears to be a known issue)

  2. While imaging, I decided to set an end time on my sequence of 6am tomorrow. SGP then finished the current frame and immediately ran end of sequence options.

  3. My target dipped below trees and the recovery mode started. However, after the recovery mode alloted time ran out and sequence could nto resume, SGP did not park the mount. I woke up this morning and mount was still tracking. This could result in a crash.

Log is here: Dropbox - File Deleted

I have added a warning on startup to update .NET

Thx. I have fixed this issue.

This seems related to another similar issue I’m tracking. More on this later.

Thanks Ken!

I releases a fix for what I think caused this issue… unfortunately there was some weak logging in this area. Fix is in beta.


Thank you. Interestingly, last night I was using the same .366 beta and the mount successfully parked after the target was lost. Not sure what the difference was. I can provide that log as well if you think it is helpful.

I will upgrade to .371 today when I get home.

Thank you,

That’s alright. The bug was conditional on a certain number of things happening before end of sequence actions. In that case, those conditions did not occur.

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