Couple Questions ... Camera temp, Gain/Offset

Just a couple questions … while I wait for some clear skies to continue ‘real’ testing :roll_eyes:

  1. When connected to the imaging camera (no sequence running) and “cool on connect” is not set (ie. cooler not active) - should the camera tab still display the camera’s current temperature? Mine does not (always displays a default of “25”), but perhaps that is limitation of my camera driver (QHY128c)?

  1. In the windows where Gain/Offset can be set (Equip Profile - Camera tab, Sequence-Event-Config-Other Options), is there any difference between “NA” (default value) and “Not set” ?


  1. It seems like we only query the camera temperature once in this case and not again until some kind of initial activity takes place. I can take a look here.

  2. This is an issue that just needs a little cleanup. With all its many benefits, one issue with the ASCOM platform is that many devices require you to establish a connection before we can ask about things like supported gain or offset values. In order to support things like offline profile building, etc, once we do connect to the camera, we cache the values to disk so that we know what valid gain and offset values are even when not connected to the camera. Early versions of gain / offset used the value “NA”. We have since removed it, but I suspect it’s still in your device cache. I’ll add some code to suppress / remove it though since either value will make no attempt to alter camera settings.

Thanks @Ken

Even if it displayed that first/initial queried cam temp, it would be helpful (for me right now). Currently trying to track camera cooling issues (which I think are cam driver related and don’t seem to have anything to do with SGP).

Not sure where/why the 25C default value is coming from (my current ambient temps are in the 0 degree range)?

Understood. And can appreciate the challenges of offline profile building. This is not an issue for me at all - was just curious (as I try to get a better grip on my cameras gain/offset realities and sort out a flats undercorrection issue I’ve been dealing with).


I think that is from the QHY driver, but my only evidence of this is that when I use the ASCOM Camera simulator, that temperature you describe is 10C