CPU when idle

QQ on SGP’s CPU usage when idle. I repaved my imaging machine, installed Win10, and was getting things set up with SGP running idle in the background.

I just happened to notice that it’s consuming around 8-10% CPU when idle (Core i7 laptop). Seems kind of high without anything going on - no sequence running, no equipment connected. Just curious if anyone else is seeing this and/or expected.

Just tried this on another machine and seems about the same … perhaps has always been this way, just never bothered to look.

Im not seeing anything that high…

I can check other machines too.

Interesting Ken – I just checked my Surface Pro 3 and it’s closer to 12 … this is Win10 also.

Eh… either way, I found the CPU hog and made a few tweaks… should take it down to 1-2%