CPWI (CGX) Mount unexpected disconnect

I have been running SGPro for only a couple of months but this happened the last two times (this week) I have tried to use SGPro. I am using at least SGPro

I am running a Celestron CGX mount using CPWI 2.3.4. I connect through CPWI and it remains connected throughout my session. After connecting the CPWI mount through the SGPro Sequence Panel it connects, but randomly during the session I get a message similar to: :“The Mount Un-Expectantly Disconnected”.

When this happens, the mount is still connected through CPWI.

Any thoughts?

I have a log file but don’t know how to upload the file.

I use CPWI a lot and haven’t had an issue like that here lately. CPWI is a beta version they have been working on disconnects. Also, I would make sure your connections are good. How are you connecting to the mount? Do you go through the handheld, wifi?


CPWI version 2.3.4 is not beta and I have not had an unwanted CPWI disconnect.

I connect from the laptop directly to the mounts dedicated CGX USB port. I only use the hand controller when I am using the mount visually.

Do the disconnects happen if you just connect your CGX to SGP by itself leaving CPWI out of the equation? Also, USB cables can be a culprit in these instances so you could try an alternate cable…and the shortest one you can practically use as well.

Please excuse my lack of experience with SGPro, but why would I connect SGPro directly to the CGX. CPWI is used to control the mount.

Your suggestion to check the USB cables is valid and I do recall changing the location of the cable on the USB hub early last week. We had a power outage and I didn’t recognize the outage until after I changed the USB’s cable location.

The weather is due to heat up a bit by tomorrow and I will try putting the cable back to where it started.

It is always better to allow SGPro to drive the mount directly and not rely on other control devices, because at some point they will always ‘fight’ each other, and exhibit disconnects as you are seeing…

I will try that but what mount description do I use to connect the mount - "Generic Hub’ or ‘POTH Hub’.
If I don’t use CPWI, do I have to connect through the (H)and ©ontroller, which I would like to remove from the mount entirely. Right now, the only time I use the HC is when I am trying to find a star (visually) for mount calibration.

I don’t know the mount, but from what I can see on the Celestron site, is that you would plug a USB to serial adaptor between your computer and the mount (plugging into the same port as used for the handset).

Normally you would then install an Ascom driver for the mount, which acts as a go-between, between SGPro & the mount, but I wait to be corrected by more knowledgeable people…

It won’t work. The choices are:
A real HC connected to the mount with a serial connection from the PC to the connector on the base of the HC. Align the mount using the HC and connect using the ASCOM Celestron mount.
CPWI, this can be connected to the mount USB conector or using the HC as a bridge. In this case select the CPWI driver.

I connect via the hand control using CPWI. I then choose “quick align” and then click on a star, plate solve and then I’m ready to go. I’m still waiting on my CGX-L mount.