Crescent Nebula narrowband

This is my first real narrowband attempt, and only the third time using my new atik 314l+

I did not collect much data, we have been getting rain almost every night here the last few weeks. I collected this data about a week ago, and managed another 2 hours of Ha. I’ll add it in tonight and see how it goes.



Awesome job Mike! Mess around with how you blend the narrowband. She doesn’t need to be purple

Also M27 is the dumbbell. :yum:

No, I’m the dumbbell. I am doing a good job tonight, asking questions about checkboxes in the middle of the screen and renaming the heavens. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help. The image almost seems over processed, which is odd. It’s only about ten exposures each so I think layering in the extra data will help.

Also the SII channel had basically no data, I may just leave that out, seems like other folks who image the crescent do that.

Have been looking into building an observatory so I can really collect more photons, and am thinking of picking up the good night system add on and seeing how it works.

Thanks for a great program and all the help!


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