Current Position ... RA & Dec

In the “Control Panel” under the “Telescope” tab, SG Pro shows “current position (J2000)…
Question; is there a way to zero out these position numbers? With my Mach1gto, in Park Position 3 (lined up on the mount marks), the numbers in SG Pro always shows; Current RA 00h08min.35sec, Current Dec. 89°53’48.15”.
Is there a way to change this, or is it a normal readout?

It shows where your scope/mount are currently pointed - not sure why you would want or need to “zero it out”. Do you have a specific use case in mind?

Thx Steve. Would not my “goto” positions be off by the amount that the SGP control panel is showing?
The AP V2 Driver window shows RA 00:00:00, & Dec. is +90:00:00 when in that “Park” position.

SGP is just reporting what it gets from your mount, so I guess it’s surprising if they are showing different values for RA and DEC.

If you unpark and goto some object, are SGP and the mount in sync or do they still show a difference?

BTW: When SGP tells them mount to goto some location, it just sends the coordinates to the mount, so as long as the mount actually knows where it is, you won;t have a problem.

Sounds like your mount uses Jnow while SGP uses J2000 so i would believe that it’s totally normal.

I see what you mean Steve (about sending coordinates).
When slewed to a target, the indicated position numbers are still different.

Thx Xplode, I’ll double check with AP to confirm.

It is likely a JNow vs J2000 issue. No need or reason to zero things out.


Thanks Jared, & others.

Just a follow up from George at AP - “The mount reports Jnow, so if SG Pro is reading from the mount, it should not modify what is being read. If SG Pro is sending coordinates from a catalog to the mount it will need to convert to Jnow and send those values.”


And anyone else reading this later… We absolutely observe the coordinate system of any mount and provide all necessary conversions. SGPro itself, only speaks in J2000.