Cutting and pasting target coordinates

Can the cut-and-paste feature be made a little more friendly for importing Dec coordinates? I find that it works with almost any format for RA, but Dec is more demanding. It works with these formats:

21h33m27.0s -00°49’24"
RA: 22h35m28.0s DE:-03°46’25"

But only RA gets copied from these formats:
03 38 51.917 -35 35 39.81 (SIMBAD format)
01h09m02.49s, +32d43m56.7s (NED format)
RA center: 20h32m53s.10 DEC center: +47°36′14″ (copied from Astrobin)
05:25:10.00 41:55:04.19 (HASH planetary nebula database format)