Cygnus Wall with SGP


Last week we had the darkest and cleanest nights in years. I was impressed by the amount of data I was able to gather on 2 particular nights, on the other side the seeing was not great.

I continued with my project of imaging the Cygnus Wall and finally I had all the data needed to put together my mosaic. Processing was challenging cause the Cygnus Wall has some very bright regions so stretching was tricky.

The image details are:

– Camera: Atik 460EX
– Mount: Takahashi EM200
– OTA TPO (GSO) 10 inch F/4 with Televue Parracor effective speed f/4.6
– Guiding PHD2 SX OAG with Lodestar
– Filters Narrowband Astrodon 1.25" @ 5nm
– Focuser, stock GSO Focuser motorized with Rigel stepper and controller
– Capture and Automation with Sequence Generator Pro
– 20 x 20m x filter x tile. Total Exposure time 40h

I hope you like the image, this Chinese scope is far from a turn key system but the optics are good.



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Very nice Jose. That’s a pretty image. Nice colors.

Wow, that is cool! Looks you were using a spaced based scope :wink:


Looks great. Love the colors and great detail. Well worth the effort.

Frank Z…

Thanks for taking the time to post a comment! After solving the issue with the Rigel controller capturing images is completely painless. 99% of the capture was unattended.