Dark UI Proposal

This is a pretty simple feature request: Can we get a dark mode for the SGP ui? For many reasons, not just that we are astrophotographers and spitting out excess light is both detrimental to your dark vision, but disruptive to others when at a shared dark site and the like. But also because we don’t really need the excess radiation (especially for types like me, a programmer by day, I tend to get bathed in bright light from computer screens all day), and it affects our circadian rhythms and such.

Anyway, officially requesting a dark UI. The icon colors are already pretty good for a dark UI…the orange color is in a better part of the spectrum than blues and greens for dark vision and circadian stuff. But the bright white/gray…if we could get a very dark gray or black, that would be wonderful.

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This has been asked for before:

The response was that this is better done at the system level, not by individual applications, or by using a coloured filter overlay.

Well, I’d like to hear what the developers have to say. Changing this at the system level isn’t always an option, and it often doesn’t look right either when programs use certain kinds of UI features. So even if it is an option, it is often not the ideal one. It would be beneficial if the app supported a couple color schemes internally…say the existing default, and a dark theme, especially one tuned for astrophotographers (dark+red), which is often not really what you want for your normal desktop window colors.

Regarding color filter overlays, these tend to mute the UI as well. I’ve used the BackyardRED that comes with BYE, and never liked it. Colorization like that isn’t what I’m looking for. I’d like a proper level of contrast to remain, so I can easily see the UI controls, without the overlay impacting my view of the image data as it comes in (especially if it is color data).

I think native support for a dark mode would offer the best results, without forcing me to change how my windows look normally for other purposes.