Debayer preview

Would you be willing to add a debayer preview option to the display? I recently purchased a OSC cooled astro camera and would like to see the output without having to take the image to another program to debayer.

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Just curious as to why you need to debayer? I’ve been using SGP for years with an OSC camera. The things I need to see in the preview are the star shapes (to look for elongation or bloating) and overall exposure (checking for star saturation). Both can be easily done with the non-debayered image. These are things that can be addressed or potentially corrected at imaging time.

What additional information would color give you? If you don’t like the color, there’s really nothing you can do about it at imaging time. That’s a post processing issue.

Debayer is a nice to have, not a must have. I have also been using SGP for years, but exclusively with mono. I felt I needed SGP to handle the complex multifilter data acquisition. I just got my first OSC Astro camera and would like to see my subs in color without having to take the image to another program. It is a matter of convenience. As you point out, everything can be done without color.