Debaying problem

Sorry I am a newbee to SGP. I am using a redcat51 with a ZWO ASI 294 pro and the quality of the debayered image is bad. The pixels are showing up and blocky. I have downloaded all the latest ascom drivers and set my camera up in the equipment manage correctly according to many tutorials i have seen. When i debayer the image in pixinsight using rggb it look pixelated. What am I missin? Are the redcat and the ASI 294pro a bad combination? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I’m not familiar enough with those two to know if they’re a good combo or not…but it shouldn’t effect the debayer output. It could be that the Bayer Pattern (RGGB) is incorrect. What I would initially suggest is to take an unbinned image with SGP of something terrestrial or even of a camera color test pattern and then debayer that in PI so you know what pattern to use.


By chance, are you binning the 294? (you cannot bin a color camera)

The other thing to watch out for is that you have to calibrate, debayer, register and stack, in that order. If you try and register the image before debayering, you get something psychedelic.