Decimal placement issue difference for shutter speeds

Camera is QHYCCD QHY22 mono

SGPro Beta, however I have not tested other versions.

‘Frame and Focus’ allows three decimal entry. However, ‘Filter Setup -> Flats’, and ‘Flats Calibration Wizard’ only have two decimal entry.

How I found this:
I just setup a light panel on my wall. I used ‘Flats Calibration Wizard’ which found the value for each filter. I then proceeded to ‘Flats Wizard’ to create some flats, but noticed that the values where too slow. I checked the values that should of been stored in the ‘Filter Setup -> Flats’, and the new values just created where not ever entered and the older ones where still there.

How I tested this:
I ran the’ Flats Calibration Wizard’ again, writing the values down for each filter, LUM 0.004, RED 0.05, etc. I save the ‘Flats Calibration Wizard’ results into the profile as before. I then checked the ‘Filter Setup -> Flats’ values, which again where unchanged. I figured it was due to the LUM with three decimal entry but there is only two decimal entry in ‘Filter Setup -> Flats’. It appears that once the three decimal was entered into the profile, it caused an error and then none of the values got updated.

At this point I cannot put three decimal values in ‘Filter Setup -> Flats’ either manually or with Flats Calibration Wizard so I am not able to create my flats the proper way.