Defining a target by alt az coordinates for pointing model construction

Hello, for specific purpose (pointing model construction)
i would need to define multiple target shoot and solve by asigning multiple altutude and azimuth coordinates.
Today location relie to ra and dec coordinates, would it be possible to add an alt/az coordinates option ?

many thanks

Hello together,

I would like to support this request (resp. extend it)

I just did some investigations for software which can support me in creating pointing models - as it is not a very exciting work and done manully also a very time consuming process.

So far I only have found TMax which requires Maxim DL for automatic pointing model creation. But as I have decided for SGPro I would be very happy, if this would be possible with SGPro too.

I think the suggestion of fdx92190 would be allow a sort of a workaround for the intended feature and better than nothing.

Please correct me, if I am wrong: if you simply allow Alt/Azimuth coordinates SGPro would work as following:

  1. Translate Alt/Azimuth position in RA/Dec coordinates
  2. Move scope to requestested position
  3. Take photo
  4. Plate solve
  5. Compares current position to requested position
  6. Moves scope according calculated difference current/requested position
  7. Take photo
  8. Plate solve
  9. If current position is too way off the requested position go back to step 5
  10. Sync telescope

For (fast) creation of a pointing model following would be sufficient

  1. Move scope to requestested Alt/Azimuth
  2. Take photo
  3. Plate solve
  4. Sync telescope according actual Alt/Azimuth position

Perhaps this simplified process could be done in a seperate “Pointing Model Wizard” (as a seperate purchasable module (?) )

As features of such a wizard I would suggest:

  1. Select the number of positions
  2. Create a regular grid of Alt/Azimuth sky positions according the selected number of positions
  3. Display a graphical representation of the planned points for the Pointing Model
  4. Allow to manual disable some points (according local horizon conditions)
  5. Iterate through the planned points
    Note: if a point fails to plate solve, the wizard should simply move to the next)
  6. Display a brief summary of the process (failed/successful positions)

It would be nice, if the developers of SGPro could give a short note, if such a feature would be a consideration.

Thank you very much and best regards


hello reinhard, i was talking about the second option (simpler one)

I do not think the grid wizard is mandatory at all, as a simple alt az list created in a text format file would be sufficient
this file can be created with model maker from per frejvall.
So the idea is to take frame and pklate solve + sync the mount for each point defined in the txt format file.)

Hi fdx92190,

a simply textfile containing the alt/azimut coordinates to be solved, respectively added to a pointing would be sufficient for me too. This could be done one time also manually.
But I am not sure, if our intended use can be implemented in the current sequencing bevaviour of SGPro. I think this has to be implemented as seperate functionality.

If I am wrong - all the better - this would perhaps enhance the probability of the implementation :smile:

Best regards


By the way, i think Per frejvall is working on a new model maker that will manage other packages than maxim.
Do not know if it will be compatible with SGP.
An other post her in sgp forum presents a phyton program that uses sgp for that kind of stuff, didn’t tested it
but will certainly do if the clouds go elswhere…