Defining default (template) event lists

I would like to see the Framing and Mosaic Wizard (FMW) have the ability to build the events for the new target using pre-defined events. The FMW would have a control that allowed the user to select from a list of pre-defined target names and then copy the events from those targets when building the new FMW target(s).

For example, a standard named SGF file, Templates.sgf, would be created by the user. In that SGF file, multiple targets could be created. They would have names such as, Galaxy, Nebula, StarField, etc. Each of those targets would have a set of events where everything was defined (filters, binning, exposure counts, etc,) as the user would normally image that class of target.

FMW would read the Templates.sgf file and populate the drop list with the target names from that file. Then FMW would copy the events from the selected target when building the new SGF file.


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Cool idea. Seems like it would be useful for any new sequence, not just one made from the FMW. Something like “import events” where you could load the events from your galaxy template, your narrowband template etc.

This is more a commitment to the idea of event profiles… not necessarily any implementation described here. We need to think about this one for a bit.

Tentatively moving to 2.5.X