Delay during event

Is there any way to delay exposure during an event. For instance, I want to take a series of exposures, and have a 10 or 20 minute delay between each exposure. I know that I could just create many ‘events’ with a delay between events, but there must be a simpler method.

I searched the forum and could not find anything.

Thanks, I am new to SGP but am getting better at using it. SGP is a very powerful tool. I also read the SGP forum routinely.


I don’t know why you would do this though I set a short delat (5 seconds) for setteling after a dither.

But sure easy you can even do it ‘on the fly’

Open the sequence you will see a heading “Delay and Ordering Options”

There is a box for “Delay between” number in seconds.

The reason why I want to do this is to try and capture a sequence of exposures of Comet Johnson so that I can make a time lapse video.

I thought that the ‘Delay between’ function controls the delay between events, not the delay between each exposure in an event. Like I said, I am new to SGP and have so far only used the most basic functions.


Personally if I were doing this I would just keep capturing multiple images and select/pick ones at the interval I wanted. That way if you get some bad data (plane, streaks, etc) you can adjust by moving to another time series. However if you just get one set of data that is at the interval you want and some of the frames are bad then you have no other option than to shoot it again.

Just fill those empty spots with more exposures :slight_smile: