Difficulty connecting mount to SGP and PHD2?

When I attempt to connect my mount I get the message “An unexpected error occurred causing SGP to unexpectedly shut down”. I have a Gemini G2 Mount and cannot connect.Any suggestions?
Will checkout the PHD 2 Q/A…


Not sure on this one. If you can open SGPro, attempt to connect the mount and then send us the logs there is a possibility that we might get more info on root cause (even if it crashes).

Instructions for logs are in here:

Hi again Ken,
Sent my log file to you, spent much of the day yesterday attempting to have SGP recognize the mount (G ll). I can get SGP to run PHD2 …sometimes I get an ERROR Code 1when PHD 2 is running and it shuts down. Tried doing a CONNECT ALL EQUIPMENT; camera, filter wheel connect. The program crashes when it tries to recognize the mount. I have attempted to run SGP with the Gemini ASCOM controller on/off. Still have the ethernet connection established as my connection between laptop and the mount.

Did not receive anything.

This is likely the cause of the problem. Anyone else using Gemini Ethernet connection?

Hi Ken,
Here is what I found out this evening,
'The Error ; ‘Retrieving the COM Class Factory for component with CLSID (7E30C546-1A9A-4ED4-98D7-03EB167E2C9A) failed due to the following error: 800702e4 The requested operation requires elevation. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070E24)’. Typed the message in to GOOGLE and found that I Needed to use ADMIN privileges to run the program. Follow directions to do do this…and it works!
Please include this in your problem solving…
Not sure what happened with DROPBOX…probably pilot error.