Direct Mount Guider not dithering in


For some reason my images are not getting dithered with the latest version of SGP. I use the Direct Mount Guider with my 10Micron GM1000HPS and everything was working flawlessly in the previous version. I used to use the Extreme Dither, and now tried different times from 0,50 to 2,00 seconds without success. No other settings were changed.

The log file has a couple of interesting lines that imply that no dither is actually taking place:

[11.03.18][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Running dither...
[11.03.18][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] DM dither request sent: 0ms...

Also I don’t see the dithering pulses at all on my handset. Here’s the complete log file:

++ Jari

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Ok, this one seems to be a classic. I changed my computer to use an English locale and number formats and now the dithering works. The Finnish locale uses the comma as a decimal separator.

Something you might want to look into :-).

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This is still a problem, i hope it can be fixed soon.
I’m in Norway and we also use comma as decimal separator.

[04.01.19 01:06:34.369][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Running dither…
[04.01.19 01:06:34.375][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] DM dither request sent: 0ms…

Just bumping this so it doesn’t get lost/overlooked and not fixed:grinning:

It has been resolved but not released. I mentioned it on another thread that brought up the same bug.


Great! I hope it’s released soon so i can test it before the end of the season in a few days :grinning:

It will be going into the beta which at this point has some “non-backwards compatible” changes for sequences, profiles, and other files. So I can get you a release if you’d like. But it may be a dumpster fire.


I’d love to test it.
I guess i gotta backup all SGP related files in case it catches on fire :joy: