Disable smart focus


I have a question about the autofocus algorithm. I see a tab for disabling smart focus. I have an SCT 11inch in hyperstar mode. Should I be disabling smart focus? I worry that doing so would not find an appropriate focus point if I am not already close to focus.

I should say I did try autofocusing with the option unclicked (data points 11, and step size 100). The focusing range did expand. However, I’m not quite getting sharp stars. Is this because of the issue with central obstruction, or is it more to do with setting the appropriate sample size, and step size? I notice that I have to run the autofocus routine multiple times before I converge to a decent focus point, though still slightly out of focus. Any suggestions?


In general, anyone with a central obstruction should disable smart focus right now. This is because our star finding algorithms do not deal well with “donut” stars. We plan to introduce more robust detection and measurement methods in the 2.5 release.