Disable Upgrade Available on Launch

RE: SGP version

Hello. How is the Upgrade Available notification disabled?

Thank you.

At the moment, that notification cannot be disabled.

Thank you. My take on this is that many users may land on a version of SGP that works well and does everything they need and may not wish to upgrade. I came from an IT environment where the urge to update things that work was quickly quelled. Put another way, “If somethings works, don’t fix it.” For those who dabble in the hobby from their backyard, it may be fun to try the “latest and greatest,” but my observatory is over 1200 miles from where I live. I suspect that users like me are much more cautious and more reluctant to be early adopters of new releases. All that being said, I can certainly live with the nag. Thanks again for your quick response!

I too would like to see this removed.