Disk Storage on Windows 10

I have been using SGP on a new MSI Laptop computer. Everything is working great. I saved several nights of images, Lights, Flats, Bias, Darks etc… When I noticed I was running out of space I moved the files to my 6TB MyCloud drive. For some reason I did not get the disk space back on my C drive. I cut and pasted the files to a new folder on the MyCloud drive. I emptied the recycle bin, ran disk clean up, removed old windows files, went through all the folders I could think of etc. Is there some other place where SGP would store a back-up? Thank you.

The cloud storage options I have used, and that includes several, operate this way: You specify a directory to be backed up. A copy of this directory goes to the cloud. Your original copy stays put. None of your disk space if freed up. You just have a backup on the cloud.

Find and change the setting that tells your vendor to preserve its copy and allow you to delete your local copy.

I find the best way is to always store the images on a Network attached disk drive, Buffalo Netgear etc. but this does need some configuration, which if you’re not happy with, then I’d suggest you get a USB3 Disk Drive 1-4 TB that you can plug directly into the laptop, but this then means you have a another ‘brick’ you need to ensure is plugged in etc…

A 5TB USB 3.0 drive from CostCo (or many other places online and local) is about $100.
The best way to go. Upload to the cloud our big files is a real pain.

Thank you for the help on this. I have it figured out. I used a free disk analyzer and discovered that the files were still in my iCloud storage. I turned syncing off and deleted files. Best Buy had a special on the WD_Black 4tb external drive for $98 with free delivery. From here on out all files will be saved to that external. Thank you and stay safe.