Display focus position difference after AF run


It would be useful, if after focusing the AF dialog box would show the difference to the previous AF focus position (assuming the same filter). The use case here is to see when the optics have fully cooled down (difference is low) so the AF interval can be toned down. For example I need to refocus every 10-15min at the start of the session, but can do fine with 30min or more once the temperature has stabilized. The joys of f/2,8 optics and tiny pixels :smiley:.


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Thanks for the feedback. This is not something we feel is that useful to the general user base. That said, as I mentioned in my post last night… please prove me wrong by liking or replying here and we can consider it.


I always make a log of temperature, AF focus-position and time, just to see that things are going the right way. If the SGP could do it for me, it would be very fine!

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While we don’t have exactly what the OP is asking for we do have an image history modules that can provide much of this information over the evening:

Hi Ken

Great. I had not seen this feature!

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+1 It would be great to be able to see the difference between a new autofocus setting and the previous autofocus setting. Perhaps you could toggle on and off the previous Vcurve run on the graph. At minimum, show the previous focus point number. And next to that, include the temperture so we can see the affect of the temperture on focus. Thanks!