Display meridian flip time along with target info?

Like in SGP when you mouse over a target and a window opens displaying specific target stats, can it also include the targets meridian flip time?


I am mostly sure I understand what you are asking, but I think you want to display a target’s zenith since the “time to flip” can only apply to one target at a time. Is that right?

Hi Ken,

It would be the target 'Transit' time as shown in the Planning tools menu.

Attached is a screen shot where multiple targets exist. It would be convenient to get the transit time in the targets info window that opens when mousing over it.


Sure, I have added it, but keep in mind that transit times for a target are dependent on several optional parameters and will not be immediately available for all targets. It may display an error message, “Not available” or might display “Loading…” etc.


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I see this in todays .747 release.
Thank you!


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