Display notice for ALL errors

I recently had a couple errors in the log file that had no notification, and it took me a while to realize there was an error and dig through the log file.
For example, the newest Astro-Physics software update caused parks to fail (it’s since been fixed). When I clicked on SGP’s Set Park and Park buttons, both failed, and neither resulted in an SGP error notification .

I request that all errors reported in the log file result in UI notifications.

We’ll consider this. It will definitely have to be an option that can be disabled. Some devices just tend to throw a ton of errors but still work happily. Those uses would not enjoy this change!



Possibly a good starting point is to display notifications for all errors that cause a sequence to stop or not start. Doing this would make it easier for users to know WHY the sequence stopped, rather than the generic “we ran into a problem…”