Dither before download to let it settle more

I would like as little delay between exposures as possible - while at the same time letting dither settle. The download for my Atik 383L+ takes many seconds - and if dither happened before the download it would allow the guider to use that time to settle. I am using MetaGuide but it seems like this would apply to other guide software also.

Basically anything that is disruptive to guiding should happen immediately when the exposure ends and before download begins. This includes changing the filter - especially when backlash compensation kicks in. Then the download time and other overhead can be put to good use - letting the guiding settle.


Archiving this as not possible (if it were… we would have already taken advantage of this long ago). The ASCOM interface does not distinguish between integrating and downloading…

Thanks - I didn’t know ascom didn’t provide more control. I know some cameras like my Atik allow separate exposure/download commands - but maybe not all. Unfortunate to have a single expose/download monolithic command for all cameras - especially when the download takes a very long time. You can do a lot during that time.