Dither sending Dec off to never never land!

Last night I started a sequence SGP took one image and then when it issued the dither command, said it was finished and waiting for the settle, but when I looked at PhD the Dec axis was being driven to the North with no indication that it was ever coming back! SGP finally aborted the sequence. Any ideas what’s going on?

& what do the logs say ??

The log and the one image that was taken are in this dropbox folder: Dropbox - File Deleted

I actually had two issues - first SGP wouldn’t center (see log at/around 01:53:52.478). So, I switched to just slew to target without the centering to try and get the sequence to run.

The PHD2 issue with dithering the first time is in the log at/around 02:14:35.454, and the second time at/around 02:23:31.398. The single image that was taken before the dithering started its second march north is timestamped at 02:23

I’m going to rebuild the sequence from scratch, including rotating (since I watched a YouTube video this morning that showed how to do that by hand) and try again tonight.

This was my second target of the night, the first one I ran with APT to test out my EOS Ra. I calibrated PHD2 with that target (M101) and didn’t recalibrate with this target. Could that have been part of the problem??

Any insights into other solutions would be GREATLY appreciated!