Dither settle taking way to long

Quick equipt and setting info-

Imaging scope -350mm WOstar71-11
Guidescope- 280mm ZWO guidescope with asi120mc

Dithering in RA and DEC.
SGP settings of <1 for 6 seconds (heard dbl my guide exposure was a good number) and very large dither in random

And I think the dithering settle is taking WAY to long. I got ten 5 minute subs in an hour. I ran this same OTA setup in BYEOS a couple months ago and dither settling was much quicker. So what am I doing wrong? Seeing is fine, my guide star is solid. My error rms in phd2 is .23(ish)

I also tried <2.5 and still no difference. Any help or explanation would be great. I looked thru the read me and I feel I set it up right.

With your guide error RMS at around 0.23 px, settling at < 1.0 px sounds reasonable. You should open your PHD2 Guide Log in PHD2 Log Viewer and take a look at what is happening during settling (settling will be highlighted by the app). For example, is Dec oscillating? That should give you a pretty good idea about what is happening. If you would like help interpreting what you see, feel free to post your PHD2 Guide log in the PHD2 forum.