Do Temperature compensation and auto-focus coexist?

I have auto focus set to run with every 2 degree Fahrenheit temp change and also have the box checked for temp compensation (5 steps in for every 1 degree change to make smaller tweaks in between autofocus routines). It appears that sgp is ignoring the temp compensation adjustments and only running autofocus every 2 degree change. Is that the way it’s supposed to work?

No. They co-exist. You can run both at the same time if that’s the way you’d like to run it (keeping in mind that SGPro will only temp comp between frames and never during).

Thanks Ken. I obviously wasn’t paying close enough attention earlier. On the last sub I just completed I saw that it did make the temp compensation adjustment.

I am running the latest version 457 and had the same results as the OP. I have auto focus set to run every 45 minutes and temperature compensation checked to move -100 steps per 1 degree of change. Last night the temperature moved 1 degree during the 45 minute period and there was no change to the focus from the temp compensation routine.

What am I missing???

One thing to keep in mind is that if you are running tempcomp from within SGP, the focuser will only move in between images, not during. So if the temp doesn’t change by 1 degree (let’s say it changed .9) then temp comp won’t run, but if 45min transpires then autofocus will run regardless.

If your focuser controller supports tempcomp in the controller, it is better to use that than to use the SGP internal tempcomp routine. In that scenario the tempcomp will be running constantly even in the middle of an exposure.

BTW, my new ASI6200MM is working great! :grinning:

Thanks for the reply, glad to hear the ASI6200MM is working well for you. I thought that the SGP temperature compensation routine would move the focuser a little between each frame. For example, in my case with compensation set to -100 per degree, if the temperature moved one degree in an hour, SGP would follow along and move the focuser ~ 1 or 2 steps or so between each sub to have moved 100 total steps in 1 degree??

If I run the Pegasus FocusCube2 temperature routine separately, don’t I run the risk of the focuser being moved while capturing a sub??

Thanks again,

I confess I’m not totally sure how the SGP tempcomp works as I’ve never used it. I thought it would wait to move the focuser until after 1deg change was reached, and them move it in between exposures. But I am likely wrong about that…

You WANT the focuser to move during capture. That’s the whole point of temperature compensation. If I’m taking a 20min narrowband exposure, and the temperature drops 2C over that 20min, I want the focuser to be moving a little bit at a time to keep the field in focus.