Dockable Modules, Can I save my layout?


Is there a way to save my setup so that next time I run SGP all the dockable modules reappear to the left and right as I set them? I seem to go back to the default modules and locations every time I startup. It takes me a couple of minutes to arrange them optimally and it would be really nice if they just stayed where i left them or if their positions were saved as part of a profile. I didn’t post this as a feature request because I’m hoping I’m just missing where it is to save this.


Tom, the modules and their locations should automatically save between
sessions. What you describe is not typical behavior. The only thing I can
suggest is to uninstall and reinstall SGP to see if that fixes it. If that
doesn’t work then perhaps there is a file that has been corrupted and I
think there is another way to reset things, but let’s start with

Interesting, I will reinstall. I run on win7 where I see this behavior. I have another identical win7 pc that I use for post processing that this does not happen with. Thanks! I’ll post my results.


Thank you! Uninstalling and re-installing resolved my issue.


Glad to hear it.