Docking modules over-lapping in latest version

Hi Ken, Jared
I downloaded in the last few days and have it running on my W7 laptop. I opened it for the first time today to run some flats and noticed that the docking module windows are over-lapping such that the bottom of each window is obscured slightly. I can still use each module but it doesn’t look so neat. I tried closing each module and re-docked them to see if that made a difference - it didn’t. I’ve attached a screen capture png file to illustrate.

I have an external monitor plugged into the serial port of the laptop as an extended desktop and place SGPro into the monitor. In previous versions of SGPro the docking modules didn’t overlap in this way.
Is this an MS windows issue and I need to play with my monitor settings? Is it do with the size of my external monitor? Or is there some configuration within SGPro that I need to tweak?
Great new forum. You both work really hard to develop the support, and it is much appreciated.
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We did make some changes to the spacing of the modules. Previously there
was touch space. Looks like win 7 may be interpreting this differently.

We’ll take a look.


Jared Wellman
Co-Owner and Developer
Main Sequence Software


This issue has been resolved and released in version 2.3.9

Goodie, a reason to sneak in to my observatory tonight and download the new release!
Thank you both - super quick response.
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