Does centering accept unexpected but opposite rotation angles?


A very specific question! Let’s say that I implement a ‘proxy’ ASCOM driver for my rotator that will enforce the physical angle to stay between 0 to 180 degrees by translating out-of-bounds moves to corresponding positions 180 degrees apart. Would this cause problems with SGP’s platesolve/centering feature? As I understand the current “±180” degree option will work correctly if the initial position is 180 degrees apart. But if SGP’s centering moves the rotator, my driver intercepts it and makes a move to a different but opposite position, will the subsequent plate solves accept this unexpected angle?

Of course, in the long term an implementation of Missing global/profile option for rotators would be the way to go, but this would solve my issues for the time being with less than one evening of effort on my part.


++ Jari

When we do the rotation validation with the ±180 option then either the requested angle or the complement is acceptable. So yes…if SGP said to rotate to 90 and the focuser goes to 270 that is fine in the ±180 case.


Ok, thanks!