"Does Not Support Temperature Compensation" message

I have Starlight focusers with the HSM motors (which have temp sensors). Every once in a while I will get a “temp compensation not supported by this focuser” message when I try to start a sequence ( I have it set to focus every 1.5 degrees).

It will normally clear if I disconnect the focuser in SGP and then reconnect and start the sequence a second time so is not a big deal but wondered if anyone else has seen this sort of seemingly random error.


I’ve seen it with my Rigel focuser. Doesn’t seem to affect operations and if I close SGP and re-open it, it usually clears it out completely.

While I dont think I can help with your problem, I can say that SGPro will issue this error, if upon connecting, it is not able to successfully query the controller for temperature.

Did not really think it was an SGP problem, maybe an ASCOM issue. Interesting that two focusers both do it.

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Maybe we are checking too quickly after connection.

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I don’t know if it will do any good or even if it is related to the source of the issue, but has code to delay the check for focuser temperature capabilities (if it fails). Should be transparent to almost all other users… might help with your issue if the focuser is sometimes (erroneously) reporting it does not have ambient temp.

I personally use the HSM controller too (both with and without the external thermistor)… never personally experienced this issue.