Does setting a start capturing time in a target block later targets?

Hi - i tried searching for this but came up short.

if i have 3 targets in my sequence list, and target2 has a “start capturing time” set, will target3 wait for target2 to complete or will target3 (which has no start or end times defined) fire off immediately after target1?



Yes. Targets are run in a serial manner. When one completes, the next will run.

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ok thanks, it was not totally clear how the two would interact from reading that page. the alternative to how it actually works is pretty bad but just wanted to check.

oh, also i meant to ask, did you ever implement the “stop tracking while idle” feature? as you know an AP mount (without APCC) will track right past the meridian and into the pier if it’s left tracking.

if SGP leaves the scope tracking while idle, does it still manage the “auto meridian flip”?

No, none of this is implemented at the moment. Tracking is active while idle and meridian flip checks occur only prior to the next sub. All of this stuff is on the backlog for implementation… just has not made it in yet.

OK thanks, good to know. i think the particular targets i am working on right now are safe in this respect as the last target should fire up before the middle one even reaches the meridian.