Dome driver - which dome dimensions are being used?

Because I am using 64bit SGP (and Maxdome only provides 32bit dome driver), I am using the ASCOM Device Hub option for my dome driver (Device Hub then set to select MaxDomeII driver).

The ASCOM Device Hub - Dome Setup has a section for capturing dome dimensions. But SGP also has a place for capturing dome dimensions (see image attached).

Which one of these is actually getting used?

Bonus question - is the SGP entry for dome “radius at equator” actually expecting the dome radius? I seem to recall there was some confusion in the past about whether this box was meant to capture diameter or radius.


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Tagging @Jared here… knower of all things dome.

It is expecting the Radius. Previous this was labeled incorrectly but we fixed that a long while back.

As far as where to input the dimensions, that depends on what you’re using to slave. If you’re using SGP to slave, then the values in SGP will be used. If you’re using the Device Hub to slave (as in the slaving is done in the Device Hub with the telescope also connected in the Device Hub) then you would need to set those values in the Device Hub.


Thanks @Jared for the clarifications. And presumably the Device Hub slaving should be disabled if SGP is set to slave?

One more thing … if SGP is not set to slave (handled instead by Device Hub), can SGP still be connected to Device Hub for purposes of opening/closing the dome (and for timing - waiting for completion of dome slewing before capturing images)?